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I’m thinking about taking the E-commerce Income course but I do have a couple of concerns. If I use Alibaba for for ordering products which come from China, Asia. I have reservations about that because I have ordered products from those countries and it takes a month to get to me. I would think that would really slow your business down waiting for products. Also does this course actually have the training videos that Nick talks about. I asked this because I purchased a course that said the same thing and nothing worked in the course. I was out $97.00. I have really become skeptical. Thanks Lou Kasitz
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I am in Canada and feel it just might not be good for me with the shipping ,rules regulations cost and then the profit return so I am thinking of stopping now before its too late to get a refund of entry funds, I have learned some things but feel because of location it would be best to get out while I can , Bruce

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